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Catacombs & Castles Overview

All New Characters

Catacombs & Castles features a variety of new lords, heroes, and minions. Discover their strengths and weaknesses and develop new strategies with these exciting new characters!

All New Artwork

Catacombs returns with artwork from Kwanchai Moriya, the fan favourite artist who worked with us on the Third Edition of Catacombs and its expansions.

Over 50 new cards.

A new card deck with refreshing new artwork and an easier to play layout. Fully compatible with Catacombs Third Edition.

Play it Your Way.

We heard you when you said Catacombs was a bit too much for your new friends. With Catacombs & Castles, we've redesigned our Dexterity game system to allow players to engage in a simplified play style to ease the learning curve... Or, go all in with the more advanced play style.

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Catacombs & Castles Game Play

Catacombs & Castles is designed to be quick to setup and learn so players can jump right into an encounter. The game may be played in two ways: cooperatively or competitively with player elimination being optional. Players choose heroes from either the brave Castle defenders (referred to as the “Castle team”) or the mercenary invaders from the underground realm (referred to as the “Catacomb team”).

Catacombs & Castles uses Elzra’s Dexterity Game System where players skillfully flick their discs representing their chosen hero across the game board using obstacle pieces for cover and trick shots.

These are either “Melee” shots (which inflict damage) or “Rush” shots (which do not). Some heroes may use “Ranged” shots (such as fireballs) enabling them to hit adversaries from a safe distance. In the case of the fireball, that piece would be flicked from the location of the hero disc instead of the hero disc itself. Some heroes can place “Shield” pieces on the game board, which provide additional protection.

Icons on cards indicate which shots a hero can use (Melee, Rush etc). Sets of shots are combined into “Sequences” (the “->” icon indicates this) and dictates the order in which the shots must be performed. Finally, all heroes have “Ability” cards they may use strategically once per game.

Cooperative play involves a team of three heroes from either the “Catacomb team” or “Castle team” using their skills and abilities to combat a player acting as the “Overseer” who controls either a “Catacomb Lord” (facing Castle team heroes) or a “Castle Lord” (facing Catacomb team heroes). These Lords can call upon reinforcements in the form of stalwart minions to assist them. During the battle, a Lord may transform into a different, possibly more challenging form.

The heroes collectively win the game if they are able to use their attacks to eliminate all of the Lord’s “health tokens”. Conversely, if the heroes lose all of their team’s health tokens then the Overseer player wins.

In competitive play, the Castle and Catacomb heroes are divided into two teams with either a common pool of health tokens (a game with no player elimination) or health tokens assigned to each hero according to their starting health value. Each team strives to be the last one standing in an intense, arena style skirmish.

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Catacombs & Castles Components

  • 8x Castle Hero Cards
  • 8x Catacomb Hero Cards
  • 4x Castle Lord Cards
  • 4x Catacomb Lord Cards
  • 12x Castle Ability Cards
  • 12x Catacomb Ability Cards
  • 3x Castle Minion Cards
  • 3x Catacomb Minion Cards
  • 4+ Castle Obstacles
  • 4+ Catacomb Obstacles
  • 6x Hero Wood Discs
  • 2x Lord Wood Discs
  • 24x Minion Wood Discs
  • 6+ Shield/Ranged Wood Discs
  • Quad Fold Game Board (Double Sided)
  • Game Manual
  • Sticker Sheet(s)
  • Punch Board

Keystones & Keeps Expansion

The Keystones & Keeps content expansion is expected to add three new Castle heroes and three "evil" versions of classic Catacomb heroes. The set also includes two deluxe heroes: the Querlossus on the Castle Team and the Werewolf on the Catacomb Team These new heroes are expected to be compatible with Catacombs Third Edition. The Wraith Knight family of monsters along with new items and spells for Catacombs Third Edition are expected to be included in this expansion as well.

More importantly, the expansion is expected to include a new square game board (size: 18x18”, 45.7cm x 45.7cm). As this game board is slightly smaller than the main Catacombs & Castles board (20x20”. 50.8cm x 50.8cm), this single sided board will focus on the "pits", large holes die-cut into the surface, and the "bridge" between them.

We are planning to include "fill cards" that can be placed under two large die cut holes, such that the "pits" can represent different environments and hazards each time you play. Thematically this game board is designed to represent the daring rescue of the keystone by an intrepid group of heroes during the construction of the keep of the castle.

The Keystones & Keeps expansion will include "evil versions" of some of the iconic heroes from Catacombs Third Edition. They will join the Catacomb Team in the struggle to invade the castle and secure the keystone. Keystones & Keeps will include new hero portrait and rules card for these "evil" catacomb themed heroes. These heroes are:

  • -Xoric The Barbarian
  • -Oleira The Elf
  • -Aprill The Fire Mage

The Keystones & Keeps expansion is available during this Kickstarter campaign and will not be sold at retail; however it will continue to be made available from our online store (at a higher price) after campaign fulfillment has been completed. Keystones & Keeps will be translated into the German language by Schwerkraft-Verlag. The German title is Festen & Verliese.

Catacombs & Castles base game and/or Catacombs Third Edition base game is required to play with this content.

Catacombs Third Edition

Catacombs™ is Elzra’s award-winning, dexterity dungeon crawl board game set in the fantasy world of Cimathue. As a cooperative game, one player (the Overseer) marshals an army of monsters while the other players choose one of six brave heroes.

They embark on a quest to save the town of Stormtryne from the threat lurking in the catacombs below. In Catacombs, players flick wooden discs representing the monsters and heroes across one of six dungeon game boards. Contact with an opposing disc may inflict damage or produce a special effect. Smaller discs, representing ranged shots, can be used to simulate a hero firing arrows or fireballs. It is possible to perform trick shots by bouncing discs off of obstacles mounted into the game board. When all of the monsters of a room have been eliminated, the heroes can move further into the catacomb. As the heroes explore, they must use their abilities, buy items from the Merchant, and recruit allies from the Inn to help them defeat the monsters, before facing the powerful Catacomb Lord boss in its lair.

Catacombs Third Edition Components

  • Six Heroes
  • Four Familiars
  • Four Catacomb Lords
  • Twenty+ Monsters
  • Thirty+ Room Cards
  • Ability and Spell Cards
  • Wizard's Shield
  • Sorcerer's Shield
  • Game Manual
  • Coin Discs
  • Gelatinous Cube
  • Six Obstacles
  • Barrier Walls
  • Three Game Boards
  • Player Mats
  • Ranged Shot Discs

Cavern of Soloth

The immersive Cavern of Soloth expansion introduces a new cast of heroes including the powerful Paladin, mysterious Sorceress, and fan favorite the Witch Hunter on a new quest to prevent the resurrection of the ancient vampire lord, Soloth. For this edition, two new heroes, the Dwarf and the Centaur Warrior, were added to the roster.

Four challenging Catacomb Lords including the Hydra and the Queen of the Underworld, will have players reaching for the Vampire Sword, Warhammer and other powerful item and ability cards included in this set.

Additional room cards with combinations of new monsters and the "flame obstacle discs" round out the experience.

Catacombs Third Edition base game is required to play. Heroes from Cavern of Soloth may be used when playing with Catacombs & Castles.

Catacombs Third Edition vs Catacombs & Castles

Catacombs & Castles Catacombs Third Edition
Core game play Team based competitive skirmishes Fantasy dungeon crawl
Maximum number of players 6 (competitive), 4 (cooperative) 5 (1 Overseer, 4 heroes)
Game Length 30 Minutes 60-90 miuntes
Cooperative Play Yes Yes
Competitive Play Yes No
Player Elimination Optional Partial
Overseer Player Optional Required
Friendly Fire Optional No
Supports Team Play Yes (competitive team vs team, cooperative team vs overseer) Team vs Overseer only
Collective Team Health Pool Yes No
Game Phases Not required Yes
Turn Order Turns alternate between teams Hero players take all their turns, Overseer player takes theirs
Number of Game Boards 1 (Double sided) 3 (Double sided)
Board Size 20" x 20" (50.8cm x 50.8cm) 26.75" x 12.5" (67.9cm x 31.75cm)
Number of Cards 56 132
Supports Universal Barrier Walls Yes, included at Huntress Reward Level Yes, included
Dynamic Obstacles Yes No
Different Obstacle Shapes Yes No
Player Mats Hero cards compatible with mats in Catacombs Third Edition Yes
Tracking Health Health Tokens Health Tracks
Armour Tokens Yes Supported, but not included
Reinforcement Tokens Yes Supported, but not included
Catacomb Heroes included Yes Supported, but not included
Number of Heroes included 8 6
Familiars Supported, but not included Yes
Monsters No Yes
Minions Yes (both Catacomb Lords and Castle Lords) Yes (Catacomb Lords only)
Castle Lords Yes No
Catacomb Lords Yes Yes
Alternate Forms for Lords Yes Supported, but not included
Antients Supported, but not included Yes
Rooms Not Applicable Yes
Special Rooms Not Applicable Yes
Abilities Yes Yes (once per room)
Items Supported, but not included* Yes
Spells Supported, but not included Yes
Basic Shots (melee, rush, etc.) Yes Yes
Ranged Shots (missile, fireball, etc.) Yes Yes
Advanced Shots (roll, bite, devour, etc.) Many supported or implemented differently Yes
Ice Shot Supported, but not included Yes
Shot Modifiers Yes Yes
Supports Shot Modifiers Partial Most including corrosion, poison, stun
Defensive Properties Supported, but not included. Armour Tokens usually used instead Yes
Teleport Supported, but not included Yes
Magic Portals Yes Yes
Gelatinous Cube Yes, Hero Yes, Monster
Compatible with Wyverns Expansion Yes Yes
Compatible with Cavern Expansion Yes Yes
Compatible with Keystones Expansion Yes Partial

*Once per room items are treated as once per game
Note: Catacombs & Castles specifications are subject to change.

Catacombs Backer Exclusive Packs

These three "Resurrection Packs" represent all of the exclusive material that was made available during the Catacombs Third Edition Kickstarter campaign. The stretch goal material was released under the name Crypt of Shaurath. By popular demand, and the consent of our previous backers, we are reprinting this material, making it available to backers of this campaign.

Packs 1 and 2 have content that is compatible with Catacombs & Castles (for example: all the heroes); however Catacombs Third Edition is required in some cases (for example: the Zombie monsters). Pack 3 (the Ice Cavern / Quartz Grotto game board) definitely requires Catacombs Third Edition.

Resurrection Pack 1

  • Four Heroes: Amazon, Fire Mage, Forest Sprite, Huntress
  • Seven Zombie Monsters
  • One Flame Antient
  • One Wolf Shield
  • Ability and Spell Cards

Resurrection Pack 2

  • Three Heroes: Ice Mage, Raven EMpress, Vampire Noble
  • Four Catacomb Lords: Behemoth, Enchantress, Ice Dragon, Vampire Lord
  • Spell and Item Cards (Including Vermin Blade Item)
  • One Stone Antient
  • One Vampire Guard Monster

Resurrection Pack 2

  • 1x Dual Fold Game Board (Double Sided)

To receive all the Catacombs Third Edition Kickstarter exclusive material at once, pledge for the Queen of Storms or Matriarch reward levels (note: this includes the Catacombs Third Edition base game).

These Resurrection Packs will be available separately during the Pledge Manager; however they cannot be subdivided further (example: you cannot buy the Zombie Horde by itself). Furthermore, you must back for a Vampire Princess or better reward level during the campaign to be eligible to purchase one or more of the Resurrection Packs during the Pledge Manager.

German language backers who would like this material, please back the Huntress German language reward level and then add your desired Resurrection Packs during the Pledge Manager.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, however keep in mind you will not be helping to unlock stretch goals during the campaign which benefit everyone.
We anticipate at least a couple of months.
We expect to offer the following (subject to change, as usual):
  1. Printed version of the updated Catacombs Third Edition manual.
  2. Deck of Catacombs Third Edition cards.
  3. Set of barrier walls.
  4. Resurrection Pack 1 (four powerful female heroes and the Zombie Horde monsters)
  5. Resurrection Pack 2 (the Ice Mage, Raven Empress, Vampire Noble heroes, Vermin Blade item, plus more)
  6. Resurrection Pack 3 (Ice Cavern / Quartz Grotto game board)
  7. Cavern of Soloth expansion
Perhaps there will be more...
Yes you do. So for example, if you pledge for two Vampire Princess rewards you would receive two copies of the unlocked stretch goals.

These three "Resurrection Packs" represent all of the exclusive material that was made available during the Catacombs Third Edition Kickstarter campaign. By popular demand and the consent of our previous backers, we are reprinting this material, making it available to backers of this campaign.

This Stretch Goal material was originally released under the name "Crypt of Shaurath." The two add-ons (Chicks in a Catacomb and the Zombie Horde) were made available as add-ons.

If you back for a pledge that includes all three Resurrection Packs by default (Queen of Storms, Matriarch), then you effectively have all of the Crypt of Shaurath material without the box we originally packed it in.

To review:
Packs 1 and 2 have content that is compatible with Catacombs & Castles (for example: all the heroes); however Catacombs Third Edition is required in some cases (for example: the Zombie monsters).

Pack 3 (the Ice Cavern / Quartz Grotto game board) requires Catacombs Third Edition.

Cards in Packs 1 and 2 are bilingual: English and German.

If you are at the $1 level, it is required that you add the Vampire Princess or higher reward level during the Pledge Manager, in order to add one or more of the Resurrection Packs. To be clear, you cannot pledge $1 and then add one or more of the Resurrection Packs during the Pledge Manager by themselves.
Yes as the cards in these Packs are bilingual: English and German.

The answer to this question is complicated as it depends on which fulfillment centre your reward is expected to ship from.

In the case of some couriers, the only packaging metric that matters is the weight. In this case, two rewards could be placed in the same shipping box and if that box's weight is within the estimated weight class, that could trigger a reduction in shipping costs. Note this does not usually affect per order handling, pick/pack or raw packaging costs, which are fixed and passed onto us (Elzra).

On the other hand, if the "dimensional" pricing from certain couriers comes into effect, then the size of the shipping box to be sent _in addition_ to that box's weight is a factor (a larger shipping box takes up more space in a delivery vehicle, for example). In this situation, the higher of the two fees (weight vs dimensional) applies. This complicates pricing decisions.

There is a great article about this subject here, for those of you who are interested in learning more about this topic and some of the challenges we can face:

This issue does not apply to those backers who are pledging for multiple rewards and choosing local pickup, as they collect their rewards from our warehouse directly (no shipping involved).

This was a configuration error on our part and it ONLY affects the Vampire Princess reward level. Unfortunately, Kickstarter does not permit us to edit a reward level after it has backers attached to it. Again, this issue *only* affects backers based in *Canada* and the *USA* pledging for the Vampire Princess reward level. No other reward levels are affected.

Fortunately, this extra $10 CAD paid upfront when pledging for Vampire Princess, can be distributed to something extra in the Pledge Manager or applied against shipping costs.

If you are doing local pickup and you do not want to add any other items from the Pledge Manager, we suggest you back the Vampire Princess Level (LOCAL PICKUP ONLY) reward level instead.

There was a mis-configuration in the Vampire Princess level, so please back at the Vampire Princess (LOCAL PICKUP ONLY) reward level instead. The other reward levels are not affected by this issue in relation to local pickup.

Content that is designated "Backer exclusive", such as the Keystones & Keeps expansion and many stretch goals, will be available from Elzra's online store after the Catacombs & Castles campaign has been fulfilled (at a higher price).

NO! This is a common misconception. Catacombs Third Edition is our award winning fantasy dexterity dungeon crawl. Catacombs & Castles is our fast paced, team based dexterity skirmish game that also features a cooperative mode versus a Catacomb or Castle Lord. Please see the comparison chart on the project page.

As both games use our Dexterity Game System, heroes can be transferred and used in each title. There are other integration points between the two games as well.

Yes, as both titles used our Dexterity Game System. We expect to have some simple rules for importing heroes from Catacombs Third Edition into Catacombs & Castles. Here are some examples (which assume knowledge of how Catacombs Third Edition works):

  • Heroes that start with Spell cards (example: the Wizard) are expected to be able to use those cards in Catacombs & Castles.
  • Heroes that start with Once Per Game (example: the Barbarian) or Permanent Item cards (example: the Elf) are expected to be able to use those cards in Catacombs & Castles.
  • Heroes that start with Once Per Room Item Cards (example: the Vampire Noble) are expected to activate those Item cards in the same manner as Ability cards in Catacombs & Castles.
  • Heroes that start with Ability cards (example: the Chicken Champion) are expected to activate those cards in the same manner as in Catacombs & Castles.
  • Heroes from Catacombs Third Edition (example: the Thief) that do not start with Ability cards may have Castle Ability cards assigned to them from the Castle Team.

This is not an exhaustive set of rules; however it hopefully provides a sense of the high level of compatibility between the two games.

Yes, as both titles used our Dexterity Game System. See the question above for more details.

Yes, as both titles use our Dexterity Game System. All of the heroes from Catacombs & Castles will function in a manner similar to the popular Witch Hunter hero from the Cavern of Soloth expansion (he activates his Ability cards during the course of that game).

The best reward level to choose in this case would be the "Matriarch".

There isn't an equivalent to the "Matriarch" for the German language backers. Schwerkraft wanted to keep things simple and only offer a single Catacombs & Castles reward level during this campaign.

Here is a suggested way as to how you could simulate a Matriarch reward level in German:

Back this campaign at the Huntress German language reward level. This enables you to receive the Catacombs & Castles base game (in German), all unlocked stretch goals (in German) and the Keystones & Keeps expansion (in German).

Then during the Pledge Manager, add all three Resurrection Packs. Note Packs 1 and 2 have bilingual English and German cards.

Finally purchase the Catacombs Third Edition base game (in German) and the Cavern of Soloth of expansion (in German) directly from Schwerkraft-Verlag.

They are the same in that they both provide all three Resurrection Packs (equivalent to all of the Crypt of Shaurath content from the previous Catacombs Third Edition campaign). However the Matriarch reward level includes the Catacombs Third Edition base game and the Cavern of Soloth expansion while the Queen of Storms reward level does not.

We think so: the rules can easily be scaled back while they learn and practice the basics.